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Our Services


Portfolio Management

We construct equity portfolios that are actively managed. These portfolios are built to maximize your wealth and to take advantage of market opportunities. Any existing portfolio can also be reconstructed so that we can maximize your wealth.
Charges: 2.5% of Assets Under Management per annum or Rs.1,00,000/- whichever is higher. Renewal Reward from 2nd year brings the fee to 2% per annum for existing clients.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is at the center of everyone's life. Want to retire early? Want to live the life of luxury? Get your finances in order to enjoy life peacefully and luxuriously. We will make sure that you achieve your goals with simple and straightforward advice. Get started today with MoneyCraft (IA)
Charges: 2.5% of Assets Under Management per annum; minimum charges per annum are Rs.1,00,000/-

One-Time Consultancy

Get your portfolio on the right track or clear your doubts regarding your finances with our one-time consultancy service. We will align your investing portfolio with your goals so that there is maximum compounding. This service is ideal for DIY people who want professional advice so that they stay on the right track.
Charges: Rs.25,000/-

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